Sunday, July 10, 2005

Inaugural Posting - The Force Majeure

Welcome to The Force Majeure. This blog is a forum for small and solo practicing attorneys throughout the United States to share information regarding the business of the practice of law. There won't be any discussion of the more mundane questions of law or our personal feelings on Hadley v. Baxendale. TFM's purpose in life is to take the otherwise limited resources of small/solo practitioners and combine them in the pursuit of answers to questions that are relevant to making money from the practice of law.
  • Just starting out and don't have a clue how much malpractice liability insurance costs or how to obtain it?
  • Wondering how you can enhance your professionalism?
  • Not sure what new technologies can help you compete with the larger firms?
  • Are you in the right market? Do you need to specialize?
  • Do you have clients that don't pay their bills? How do you get clients that pay on time and in full?

The answers to these types of questions are what TFM seeks to provide.


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